Living a healthy life is not about hitting the gym five days out of the week. It’s not about a restricted diet, or pushing yourself to your max. It’s not even about making goals and knocking them off one by one. Sure, those things are important components of the fitness world. But they are not everything.

Balance is everything.

You can go to the gym every single day for three hours, you can restrict your calories, you can pick up the latest fad diet or build the biggest muscles on the block—but that doesn’t necessarily equate to a healthy lifestyle.

A truly healthy lifestyle incorporates moderation, balance, and wholesome living.

Sure, it’s about pushing yourself, being your best, exercising regularly and eating right. But it’s also about having fun, building a community, and uplifting yourself rather than punishing yourself.

A healthy life is about saying ‘yes’ to things that fulfill you.

Did you have a long week at work? Give yourself permission to sleep in on Saturday. Tell yourself that it’s okay to drink a glass of wine and watch back to back episodes of your favorite show. Are you desperate for friend time? Call up those buddies. Make those plans. Have that tequila shot.

Yes, fitness is about learning to make the right choices. It’s about being a better version of yourself and not succumbing to pressure or laziness. But it’s also about creating practices that will last. Practices that aren’t based in restriction or punishment, but on happiness instead.

A healthy lifestyle is about acknowledging imperfection is a part of the process.

You’re not always going to have good days. You’re going to set the alarm and accidentally sleep in sometimes. And you’re going to eat something you shouldn’t. But the focus isn’t on beating yourself up over the mistakes—it’s about looking forward to the next day, next challenge, next choice—and doing better.

At Synergy, our focus is not on punishment and forcing our bodies to change because there’s something ‘wrong.’ Instead, we see exercise as an opportunity to become an even stronger, more empowered version of ourselves. We see fitness as a way to reach our goals—physically, mentally, and emotionally. And we see the mental discipline of healthy eating as a means of celebrating our bodies and fueling ourselves with the right things.

A healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean restriction.

It means celebration. It means going to meetups and having beers because we are a community and we love one another. It means staying up late sometimes, and going to be early on other nights. Or binge-watching Netflix but getting up early the next morning for that 6AM session. It’s moderation. It’s finding your own little journey and accepting yourself, right where you are.

And above all, it’s balance.
A little give, a little take, and a whole lot of success.

Marisa Donnelly

Marisa is a full-time freelance writer, editor, and fitness enthusiast located in Ocean Beach, San Diego. She is the author of the poetry collection, Somewhere On A Highway and founder of Be A Light LLC, a remote writing coaching/tutoring/editing services company.


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