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Namaste meets break a sweat training.

Three sessions are under 45 minutes to fit into even the busiest of schedules.

Combining High-Intensity Interval Training, Yoga, and Function Strength Training elevates performance and sustains results. All three dynamic aspects of the workout yield different movements and challenges to ensure that you attain flexibility, strength, and endurance. Workouts focus on reducing stress and preventing health conditions associated with a sedentary lifestyle, muscular imbalances, and workout/sports injury.

Did we mention that every day is a different workout and a new music playlist? That’s our promise to you. Consistently challenging workouts and a playlist that makes sure you never plateau or get bored.

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The weekly breakdown.  

Monday – Full Body

Tuesday – Glutes

Wednesday – Arms & Abs

Thursday – Chest & Legs

Friday/Saturday – Full Body


HIIT & Strength

The epitome of H.I.I.T/STRENGTH. Prepare yourself for 45 minutes of high-intensity interval training that pushes and aligns with your strength. From pull-ups, bar bells, ropes, we have a variety of equipment to power you up.

Kinetic Flow

Vinyasa Yoga

Breathe in, align, and challenge your body in this vinyasa style 45 minute yoga session. The magic Is all in the transitions. You’ll build the muscle strength and body awareness to flow.


Yoga & HIIT

Our signature blend of H.I.I.T, Yoga, and Strength. A 45-min workout of Namaste meets break a sweat badassery.

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