Why Slow Results Are Results

Let’s talk about results.  It’s the main reason why we workout and try to eat healthy right?

Whether that means mental health results, not feeling join pain, having abs, feeling stronger, or just plain looking your best.  

All of these are important when they are important to you.

So I want to share my results.  During my pregnancy I gained 40lbs.  I went from 125lbs, 16% body fat to…. 165 at….40% body fat.  

After having my daughter, I didn’t look at the scale or weigh myself for three months and decided that I was going to take a gentle approach.  Well, I had no idea how much of a “gentle approach” I would be taking.

I went from working out 6-7x per week since 18 years old (even during my pregnancy) to working out 1-2x per week.  MHM for all of 2022… the freaking fitness professional who owns the damn gym dropped to 1-2x per week.  

It was all I could do.  I had no idea how drained and tired I would be taking care of my baby daughter full-time, taking care of my step-son half the week, part-time running Synergy180, deciding to travel the world and get things together for a second location.

Lol, even rereading the paragraph above makes me cringe at how ridiculous all of that was.   

So why am I sharing this with you?  Because, sometimes something is better than nothing.  We live in a culture where we feel like if we don’t workout 3-5x per week it’s not worth it…

I’m here to tell you it is.  You can absolutely get results by working out when you can.  Sure, you wont get the results of working out 4-5x per week but results are results.

Time does not stand still, but if you do YOU WILL.  2024 will come and so will 2025.  You have to decide for yourself what kind of life you want to live and go after it.  

Since starting my tracking last year Jan 2022.  ( I had already dropped about 15 lbs ad 3% body fat in the fall of 2021). 

I have lost 14.8 lbs and  6.3% body fat.  Yes… about 1 lb per month and barely .5% body fat per month.  Some would get demotivated and give up, but I’m here to tell you that it adds up.  Enjoy the process and take the small wins!  

Summer is in 14 weeks and now after a year and some change I am finally back to 4-5x a week and ready to crush it for summer.  Sometimes it takes doing what you can, sometimes it takes accountability, sometimes it just takes FREAKING TIME.

Are you ready for a real challenge? If so, take the Free 30-Day Challenge for new members by scheduling your first session!  

BY: Sofia Whitfield

Health & Lifestyle Expert

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