12/05 | Full Body

WOD 12/05 | Full Body 30 on 7 off 3x Finisher –  60 second plank hold Dumbbells  Skier Swings  Single Double Row  Squat to Press  Benches  Single Double Press  Step Ups (12 each leg)  Rower Twists  Dumbbells  Burpee + Curl  Skull Crusher + Tuck Curl  Plank Reach Thru (Each Side) 

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12/3 | Full Body Saturday

WOD 12/3 | Full Body Saturday 60 seconds work/ 15 seconds rest 2 exercises back to back (no rest). rest between rounds. 3X set/station (30 seconds exercise 1, 30 seconds exercise 2, 15 rest)  Finisher – Coach’s Choice Dumbbells  Set 1: Deadlifts & Squats  Set 2: Turkish Get Up (R) 

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12/01 | Legs

WOD 12/01 | Legs 30 on 7 off 3x  Finisher – 21/3 Sit-ups V-Ups Bicycles  Box Step Ups to Curl Press Decline Plank Shoulder Taps Box Jumps Dumbbells Wide To Narrow Squat Single Leg Deadlift Single Leg Deadlift KB + Bike Swings Alt Lunge Clean Bike Sprint BarBells  Deadlift HEAVY

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Health Is A Whole-Body Approach

The idea of health is different for every person. There’s no right or wrong way to ‘be healthy’ or to live the life you’re intended to.