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From the first class I was hooked. There are three main types of classes. Powerhouse (all HIIT), House Blend (mix of yoga and HIIT) and Flow (yoga). They have sessions every hour in the morning and in the afternoon to evening. I have been mainly going to the 5:15 AM Powerhouse and it is great! 45 minutes literally flies by and every single time I feel like it was a great workout. The instructors lay out a "workout of the day", show you how to do everything, then time out your circuits. The music is always poppin and keeps the vibe elevated.
Kaitlyn M.
I don't write reviwes very often, but Synergy definitely deserves a shout out. I love this place! I've been coming here since they opened just over a month ago and it's been an awesome experience so far. the members known each other by name and are so supportive and encouraging of one another through the workouts. My favorite class is Power House which is an energizing blend of H.I.I.T and strength training all in 45 minutes. I highly recommend this place to anyone who wants a fun yet challenging workout. Come check it out, you won't regret it!
Stephanie B.
I've worked for a ton of gyms! This one had a great atmosphere, great workouts and the owners are the kind of small business owners that you just want to support. The gym is located on Newport in OB. There is plentiful parking in a lot just a 1 minute walk from the gym. I love their design, they have fun, are always smiling when I drop by and they support local community businesses. (HUGE win for me in Ocean Beach where local is where it's at if we want to keep this beach town friendly vibe goin!)
Michelle A.

I saw an add on Facebook about Synergy 180 gym with the offer of a free 6 week weigh loss challenge. I came in to check out the gym and was greeted by the super cool gym owner (Sofia). She asked about my fitness goals and how bad I wanted to meet my goal. The very next week I started to attend classes and took part in the 6 week weight loss challenge. I dropped 7% body fat and 15.7 lbs which completely changed my lifestyle. I’ve been attending Synergy since October 2018 and it’s been nothing short of a great experience. The coaches motivate and encourage you to reach whatever your fitness goals are. This isn’t your typical gym/studio, it’s a community that’s super encouraging. My favorite class is PowerHouse, which is a strength and cardio class that kicks butt. I am a proud member of the Synergy 180 community. #synergyst

Carlos Salzar

I found out about Synergy through a Facebook ad marketing their 6 week challenge featuring 6 weeks of unlimited work outs, workshops, and a full meal plan with grocery list for each week! It was perfect timing because I hadn’t made any moves to get things together in the new year yet. I recruited my husband to join the challenge with me and we’ve been sticking to the meal plans and work outs with great results!
The workouts consist of yoga blends, HIIT, and recovery classes with each day focusing on a different part of the body- Upper body, Core, Legs, and Full Body.
Sofie and Tim have been very motivating throughout this process and always encourage you to keep going! The instructors are great as well and always push you to your personal best.
I highly recommend going in to try it out, you’ll love the atmosphere! A great addition to OB 🙂

P.S.- They have some mats that you can use during the workouts and a water station!

Madison Warren

This is review is based on my 4th consecutive week out of the 6 week challenge (lose 20lbs or 5% of body weight) based on exercising there at least 5 times a week and following the meal plan.  I have lost almost 9 lbs in 3 weeks!  

This workout is combo of weights/cardio in stations at various timed intervals where you are sweating like crazy. One station is ball walls, another is squats, another is abs, another is the giant rope, another is pushups on the rings.  No, I would never do this kind of exercise on my own!  Ever work out is different–warmup, the main exercises several times (the different stations), a finisher (where you might do 50 sitsup, 50 pushups, 50 burpees), and a cool down.  My body is always challenged; and I am stronger than I think!  Who knew I could do 55 box jumps over 20 inches high?  I’ve had classes with as few as 3 students and as many as 14.  So it’s a smaller sized class either way and you often work in partners or teams.  Coach Sofie (along with instructor Monica) are super motivating and really personable–knows your first name from day one and calls you by your first name in all the classes.  

I have noticed my energy level has increased, I have endorphins all day along after a great morning workout, and I no longer take naps on the weekends like I use to.

I will be anxious to see what my weight is at the end of the 6 week challenge.  I am very grateful to owner Coach Sofie. She is always cheerful, positive, and encouraging.

Sandra C.

Behind the Scenes. Watch the video testimony.

Kim S. | Down 5% body fat in 6weeks.

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Behind the Scenes. Watch the video testimony.

Bill C. | Down 15lbs and 4.2% body fat in 3 months.

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Behind the Scenes. Watch the video testimony.

Leslie G. | Down 20lbs 2.5 months on broken ankle.

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