Friday WOD 11/9

Circuit 1– :60 each weighted jumping jacks heal touch (lift shoulders off) hold bridge pose OH walking lunge Circuit 2– :60 each db deadlift into curl kb upright row flutter kicks high knee skip Circuit 3– :60 each db thrusters supermans box dip hold, place feet on slam ball walking Read more…

Thursday WOD 11/8

:40 work / :15 rest, 4 rounds, no rest  reverse grip chest press pull up pike push up ring single arm row wide grip cross step push-up reverse fly with resistance (band pull-apart) db chest fly band rows finisher:  2 rounds of 15 ring rows and 15 pushups  

Wednesday WOD 11/7

:50 on / :10 rest air squat db squat, pulse 2, repeat db squat with rotated press squat jacks reverse lunge to standing splits LT, no weight kickstand deadlift LT slow OH squat reverse lunge to standing splits RT, no weight kickstand deadlift RT Russian db swings squat hold sumo Read more…

Tuesday WOD 11/6

Core/Cardio 20-25 minutes Alternate between core set and cardio (2 sets each) Core pyramid 5 minutes of work: -plank shoulder taps -lateral plank tucks -plank toe touches -forearm plank lift (10 each side) Cardio Pyramid 5 minutes of work: -jump squat taps -tuck jumps -skier jumps -KB swings Finisher – Read more…

Monday WOD 11/5

11-rep schemes (10:1, 9:2, 8:3……) Push-up Dumbbell curl Slamball press throws Tricep kickbacks Kettlebell clean Kettlebell inside curl Diamond push up Dumbbell front raises work towards completing all reps per station, but each station has an 8 minute time cutoff. 30 sec break between stations.