The Story Behind Lesli

We could’n’t be more proud of this Synergist!  Congrats Lesli for dropping 20 lbs in 6-Weeks!

By Sofie Lorain

It’s not every day you get to hear and read the story of an extraordinary Ocean Beach local woman.  Lesli is an active member of our Synergy and OB community, a positive unstoppable force of energy, and most importantly, a kind and loyal friend.

We are honored that our first Synergist Spotlight is  Lesli Gallagher. 

I am now stronger than I ever have been, even when I was younger and was consistently working out on my own.

Lesli started our New Year 6-Week Challenge on January 15th.  She wanted to ramp up her results and make a 180 change.  (pun so intended)

Just a few weeks before that, she had cracked her ankle.  While most would stop, Leslie didn’t.  When there is a will there is a way and she found it.

Our session sizes are small so we have the luxury of being able to modify any and all exercises to accommodate for anyone and any injury.  Even on leg day, she was still here.

Throughout the challenge we did weekly challenges.  One of the weeks was 100 burpees every day.  Can you guess who did 100 on every single day with a cracked ankle?  Yup, she did.  No matter how long they took, Leslie braved and pushed through while being safe.

For that she won the Burpee Killer Award.  


Saying we are proud of her is understatement.  

To go even further, Lesli was able to balance coming in to the studio everyday, be an attentive mom of two, devoted wife, and works as an attorney at the California Court of Appeal. 

Now that’s one hell of a Synergy.

Did we mention she meal prepped every week?  Oh yea, she meal prepped! 

Check our her video on how she did it!

Congrats once again Lesli!

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More on Lesli’s experience.

  “I cannot say enough good things about this place! I have always had trouble self motivating but managed to work out on my own anyway because trainers and classes made me feel self conscious and out of shape. Not the case at Synergy! Not only is it an amazing workout, with each class focusing on a different part of the body and rotating throughout the week so you don’t even have to think about making sure you’re getting a full and efficient workout, but the instructors are super friendly, super motivating, and at the same time able to quickly offer modifications to accommodate any fitness level (or injury). I have never been excited to go to a fitness class but now I gladly get up at the crack of dawn to go to 5:30 am classes, and actually enjoy them! And because the classes are so efficient and productive, I am now stronger than I ever have been, even when I was younger and was consistently working out on my own.

Also, the classes blend yoga and stretching with high intensity, and they offer separate yoga classes at the same studio for one monthly membership, which means you get everything you need in one place at one price!

As if that weren’t enough, they also offer challenges to keep the motivation up, along with an incredible meal plan. It’s satisfying, easy to follow, and even my kids eat this stuff! I can actually shop, plan and cook quicker and easier than ever before, all while seeing amazing results!” -Lesli G.


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