Abs. Squats. 5 Weeks

A 5 -Week Series Dedicated to your backside and that front side.  Yup we got your back and your front.

Next Series Starts Sept 9th

3 30-Minute Weekly Workouts

Quick and effective. We meet Monday, Wednesday, and Friday as a group. 6:30am & 3:45pm. Two time slots to choose from.

New Meal Plan to help you cut belly bloating and water weight.

This will help reduce cellulite and finally help you towards a more flat belly or show off those abs depending on your starting point.

Deadlift, Squat, & Clean

Want to learn the proper form of these three? We will assess your starting point and end point. Add more weight and gain more depth.

Results Tracked

From pictures, inches, body fat, strength, and reps - we are recording it all to make sure you're able to progress.

Begins June 17th.

Spots Are Limited to the First 15.

"A 5-Week Program that I created for myself and have lead over 150 clients through. Get ready to squat deeper, deadlift heavier and break some prs. Not to mention, help those abs finally say hello!"
Sofie Lorain
Owner and Booty & Abs Creator 😉

Share the abs & Squats

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