Sofia Whitfield of Synergy180

8 Week Nutrition & Accountability Program

The first ever provided 1-ON-1 nutrition coaching program to help you breakthrough for 2023.

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The program...

This program is best for clients interested in learning about nutrition and macros. Clients will get a fully customized nutrition plan tailored to their current body composition & goals.

We will have weekly in person/virtual check-ins so that you are held accountable and you will have my personal phone number for any questions or concerns throughout your journey.

With this program, you will gain a better understanding of nutrition, macros, and proper supplementation. For best results, this program must be completed in 8 consecutive weeks.  


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What you get:

How to get started?

If this program sounds right for you for 2023, pleaes fill out the form available and schedule a 15-minute discover call to discuss your goals to ensure it's the best fit.  You will be working one-on-one with Sofia Whittled. 

*Please note, filling out the form below does not guarantee a spot in the program.


Once you have completed form, you will be able to schedule a discovery call.