Let’s talk about before and after pictures….

I’ve always told my clients to take them.  Why?  Sometimes you don’t see all the changes on the scale but your clothes feel different or they flat out just don’t fit anymore.

Gulp, here’s mine.  It’s not easy for me to share this.  I’m a pretty private person these days and the last thing I want is to put a before picture.

BTW, that swimsuit used to be the tightest thing on me.  Today, I had to hold it up otherwise…well you know.

I’m ashamed to say this but that before picture is also an after picture of this.

I used to be in really great shape.  I worked out every day and sometimes twice a day.  I was in the fitness industry and was at the gym every day.  I also didn’t have kids.  I was in my early 20’s where I could eat whatever I wanted.  I didn’t know what work-life balance was because I didn’t prioritize my family, friends, or love relationships.

Looking back, I was selfish.  If it didn’t benefit me- I didn’t care.  I would consult my clients on how to lose weight and get toned and they did get results… I just didn’t understand how hard they worked for it.

I used to roll my eyes at how people would let themselves get out of shape, use their kids as an excuse, forget to practice basic form and you name it.  I would say things like if you want just go do it…

Then, I sold my first gym business, traveled the world, moved to California and took a corporate job to start saving up for SYNERGY. 

When I started my job, I used to work out every day.  Then I would have a stressful day of talking to clients and say, “You know what?  I worked out every day last week and my body really needs a rest day and maybe even a cheat day.”  I BELIEVED THAT.  I took it.

I remember the first day I skipped my workout.  I bought a bottle of Josh, went home, turned on Netflix and put on Narcos.  No big deal, right?

Well, I did that twice the next week.  Even more the following week.  Before I knew it, I was working out once a week at most.  Then I met my boyfriend.  HAHAHA.  Then… What working out?

To make matters more interesting, he had a wonderful son.  Soon the three of us were a thing and what feels like overnight, I became a parent to my boyfriend’s son.

Hello working full-time, raising a kid, watching my body change as my 30’s start to say hello, my boss demanding more and more out of me and before I knew it…

I gained 20+ lbs.  In my before picture, I weighed 151 and my body fat percentage was 29%  Today, I’m back at my healthy weight of 128 at 18%.

But honestly.  I don’t care about the weight-loss.  My back hurt like a mother.  I stopped working out and doing yoga and lost flexibility and muscle in my upper body and couldn’t support my chest.  I was in constant back pain 24/7.  My blood circulation was crap and my legs would ache all night and I would constantly wake up in pain.

Don’t get me started on cellulite.  I remember having cellulite above my freaking knees.  How does that even get there????!!?!?!  Anyway, my body hurt, I saw where I was headed, and I knew I was doing a poor job of taking care of myself.

I look back at my early 20’s as a fitness coach and think to myself what the hell where you doing coaching people on how to lose weight and get healthy when you have never gone through their struggle and have no idea how they feel.

I’m blessed I gained some weight and let my body feel like complete dog$h!t.  Now I have some perspective…

It was time for change.

It didn’t happen overnight.  I had to work on time management. At the beginning of Synergy I was working 60-70 hours per week.  Now it’s down to 40.  I work out every day for 45 minutes.  4 days at Synergy.  1 day playing football with Deacon (boyfriend’s son). 1 Day surfing and finally 1 day doing what I like to call dance dance house.  ( I dance while I clean the house haha)

I practice intermediate fasting. Follow a 80/20 rule on nutrition, get 8 hours of sleep and work on time management every day.  M-Thu is for Synergy (I work 10-hour days). Fri is for my hobbies and catching up on personal things.  Saturday is for my family.  Sunday is for friends and relaxing for the week ahead.

I still enjoy my wines, I still hit the Farmers Market and grab some greasy goodness, I still have lazy Netflix nights but now I have accountability.  I have balance.  And I have Synergy in my life… (pun so intended)

All you need is to find your tribe.  If you’ve been waiting for it… then this is it.  Check out the 6-Week Ultimate Challenge. 

It’s on.  See you there.

Much Love,

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