1st EVER

Little Black Dress
& suit Challenge

1st EVER!

Little Black Dress
& suit

Initial one-to-one consultation, Health & Fitness Assesments, NEW MEAL PLAN Weekly Progress Reviews

Starts February 11th. - March 24th!
42 Day Duration

An Exclusive Challenge for members and Friends.

Ready for a different type of Challenge?  This Challenge is for those that need an extra push this season to work towards a fun event!  We go for 42 days to tone up, eat healthier, get stronger, drink more water, and then celebrate with each other at Tom Hams Lighthouse for a Little Black Dress and Suit Red Carpet event. 

Celebrate with us 03/24 8PM-12AM

Little Black Dress & Suit Challenge

Full details...

The Fitness part

If you're new, you'l get access to 3x workouts per week. If you're a current member, you will get access to VIP Group training sessions with Sofia at 10AM on the 11th to kick off the Challenge and then 02/25, and 03/18 to continue notating progress and focus on more advanced workouts.

The Nutrition part

NEWEST OF NEW. The newest meal plan to hit to have you eating healthier with an eating out guide to help you stay on track even at your favorite restaurants. This new meal plan will match the 2023 latest nutrition guides.

the fun party part

LET"S PARTY. at Tom Ham's Lighthouse. A red carpet event for those in the challenge and their friends and family. Join us as we award hard work, party to a DJ, enjoy high quality food, and a drink or two....or three....
*Dinner not included in pricing.

Starts February 11th.

Take the challenge

-Attend minimum of 3x per week. 

-Attend weekly zoom mindset call or watch on your own time.

-Awards given for fitness and health accomplishments.  (most body fat lost, attendance, weight lost, strength gained, overall transformation, and more)

Train with the best

Save your spot.

Pricing below does not include dinner party.

New member

294 $
Active Membership

member upgrade

100 $


ask us

*Initial one-to-one consultation, Health & Fitness Assessments, Group training sessions, and weekly zoom mindset sessions.

Yes, we have members that started at little to no workout experience and with our smaller session sizes get the form corrections and modifications they need to continue progressing and seeing results. 

5:30am M-F

6:45am M-F

8:00am M-F

9:00am F & Sat

10:00am M,T,W Sat*

4:30pm M-W

5:30pm M-Thu

10:00am Saturday for participants of this challenge only and available only on select weeks.

This is an adults only event.

The zoom calls will be recorded and archived so you can access them during the challenge.

Yes, the party is only for the participants of the challenge and their plus ones.

This will range from $78-$98 for dinner, wine, and access to a memorable event with a DJ and dance floor.

Absolutely!  It is the Little Black Dress & Suit Challenge