Welcome to The Challenge, Hero!

Week 7- Upcoming 5/10 The Final Week?

It’s time to finally do something that scares you!  Yes, we are jumping!  Ready to go sky diving?

Why sky diving?  It’s pretty f’ing scary and jumping out of a plane free falling to the earth is so easy task.  

By letting go of control and actively facing fear, you will be able to finally understand what fear really means. Fear can be what holds you back, or it can be what helps to set you free. Skydiving may push you to the limit of your comfort zone, but the reward is well worth it.

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Weekly Results. (Updated as of 05/09)

Top 5

Alex A. | Thyelle P. | David D. | Kayla B | Deepa

Week 1: Get out in nature.  Join us on the Torrey Pines hike or get out in nature.

Week 2: Virtual/In-person Mixer.

Week 3: 100 Rep Challenge

Week 4: Burpee Challenge

Week 5: Meditation Challenge

Week 6: Gallon Challenge

Week 7: WE GO SKYDIVING! (not included in pricing)


+If you have any questions please call 619-838-6906 or email info@synergy180.com.  Thank you! 

Heart rate Monitors

Our App Connects to Unencrypted Heart Rate Monitors. Prices starting at $35+

The other preferred devices that can be paired to the Synergy180 app are:

  • FitMetrix FMX4 (chest strap monitor)
  • FitMetrix FMX5 (arm band monitor)
  • Myzone MZ3
  • Myzone MZ4
  • Polar H7
  • Polar H10
  • Polar OH1
  • Scosche Rythm+

Point System

Tracked Weekly & Updated Weekly


5 days/ week = 5 pt | 7 days/ week =10pt 

Body Fat Loss: 1% = 15 pt

Weight Loss: % of body weight lost. 1% = 1pt

Strength Gained

Reps: 1 pt

Weight: 1 pt

Weekly Challenge: 5 pt

Social Check-ins 3x per week max: 3pt

BONUS Pt will pop randomly around challenge!



Make sure to come in 10-15min early your weekly check-ins.

Every Monday & Tuesday

The Meal Plan!