Welcome to The Challenge, Hero!

Week 4 The Burpee Challenge

Get these done before or after your workout at the studio.

If you’re joining us virtually make sure to send us a time lapse to info@synergy180.com or simply tag us on Instagram.

Tagging us will also get you credit for your weekly social check-ins. 🙂

Plus, here’s your chance for 7 bonus points this week. Do 100 instead of 50 and get 7 points.

Weekly Results. (Will update 04/20 7:30pm)

Top 5

David D. | Thyelle P. | Micki H. | Lauren K. | Chelsea D.

Week 1: Get out in nature.  Join us on the Torrey Pines hike or get out in nature.

Week 2: Virtual/In-person Mixer.

Week 3: 100 Rep Challenge

Week 4: Burpee Challenge

Week 5: Meditation Challenge

Week 6: Gallon Challenge

Week 7: WE GO SKYDIVING! (not included in pricing)


+If you have any questions please call or text 619-838-6906.  Thank you! 

Heart rate Monitors

Our App Connects to Unencrypted Heart Rate Monitors. Prices starting at $35+

The other preferred devices that can be paired to the Synergy180 app are:

  • FitMetrix FMX4 (chest strap monitor)
  • FitMetrix FMX5 (arm band monitor)
  • Myzone MZ3
  • Myzone MZ4
  • Polar H7
  • Polar H10
  • Polar OH1
  • Scosche Rythm+

Point System

Tracked Weekly & Updated Weekly


5 days/ week = 5 pt | 7 days/ week =10pt 

Body Fat Loss: 1% = 15 pt

Weight Loss: % of body weight lost. 1% = 1pt

Strength Gained

Reps: 1 pt

Weight: 1 pt

Weekly Challenge: 5 pt

Social Check-ins 3x per week max: 3pt

BONUS Pt will pop randomly around challenge!



Make sure to come in 10-15min early your weekly check-ins.

Every Monday & Tuesday

The Meal Plan!