The Hero - Carlos Salazar

Carlos S. | Winner of the 7-Week Challenge & Trip to Paris for Two!

Carlos S. and Coach Sofie

“I decided to join Synergy back in October 2018 because I wanted to change my fitness levels and have overall better health. I joined by accepting a 6-week challenge that was FREE, if you dropped 20lbs or 5% body fat. Well I ended up loosing 15.7 lbs and 5.7% body fat. I felt so encouraged by all the coaches (Sofia, Gabe, Kate, Noah, and Jasmine) there and never felt like I was just a client.

Then I decided to join a 7-Week Hero Challenge. Every week there was an email sent out with a specific challenge that involved drinking more water, logging in the food I was eating, encouraging a friend to participate in a workout with me, personal year-long goals plan that was submitted to the coaches, and last but not least, 100 daily burpees (OMG that was hard). This challenge not only has made me stronger physically, but it has pushed me to find the deeper reason as to why one should take care of our bodies. I began to notice that every time I posted on social media that I was at the gym or my progress on this challenge, others began to notice and it encouraged them to want to begin eating a bit healthier or exercise a little more. That has been the most rewarding part of joining this challenge. While this challenge started as a means to achieve greater physical strength and have better health, it has been a vehicle to encourage my friends, coworkers, and family to improve their health and fitness.

If anyone is reading this long review and wondering, why is this guys talking about physical fitness and change so much? Well, to summarize it, I strongly believe that in order to make a change, it is easier to make a commitment and stick to it when you have a supporting and encouraging community. That is why I go through the doors of synergy every single day. I am a part of a community. There are people that are always ready to encourage and ask how things are going in your life outside of the gym. Because let’s face it, we all go through hard days, but it helps when you know you have a community that is ready to support and encourage one another. #synergyst


-Carlos S.

Carlos, in the 7-Week Challenge lost 18 lbs and 4.2% body fat. 

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