Have you ever lost something like your keys, your wallet, maybe your motivation?
Motivation to workout, stretch, do that juice cleanse you pinned months ago?
We’ve all been there. Months pass and you realize it’s been weeks since you’ve worked out. Weeks since you’ve been consistent with water intake.
FIRST OFF, let us be the first to tell you, it’s OKAY. Now, you’re probably asking why in the world we are saying that’s it’s okay to get off track…
Well because we’ve been there. All of us here at Synergy. From the founders, to the trainers, and even our admin. We have gotten lazy, busy at work, had kids, or you know what? WE JUST DIDN’T CARE ENOUGH.
So, you’re not alone. This is life. It’s messy, crazy, and let’s face it, not what some of us expected…
We all deserve to live a healthy lifestyle and when we say healthy lifestyle we don’t mean focus on the scale until it drives you crazy. Don’t deprive yourself of the things you love, don’t make a 0-60 change that burns you out in two weeks.
What we mean is, TAKE IT SLOW. Real change takes time and that’s okay. It’s a journey to be enjoyed. By the way, this isn’t just about your health but also about your education, career, your relationships, your dreams and goals.
In a day of automation and instant gratification it’s hard to learn to be patient and take it one day at a time. You know the saying, “Good things take time”? We think it’s annoying. Mainly because it sets a precedent that things have to suck now before they get better.
Remember a time that you worried? Maybe you were worried about fitting in, maybe you were worried about finding a job after college, maybe you were worried about being single for the rest of your life and how all the good ones are taken. Now look at you, some of those things worked out, didn’t they?
You wish you could go back and enjoy life more without the worry knowing what you know now.
Start living with that mentality today. Try your best every day and enjoy the journey.
Here’s a few steps to start working towards your health goals or any goals really WHILE ENJOYING THE PROCESS.
  • Gratitude. Whatever the conditions right now, love em. That achy knee, that dad bod, that mole that you swear is freckle -love it all. When you’re grateful for what you do have it makes things easier and better while you work towards your goals. Build on abundance not scarcity.
  • Be Basic. That’s right, BASIC. Look at your foundation before you start building. Are you drinking enough water? Getting enough sleep? Living stress free? You wouldn’t believe the results that you will see just from these small steps alone.
  • Get accountable for your life. We are held accountable in so many ways without realizing. That deadline from your boss? Miss it, and well, you’re going to be looking for another boss. That exam? Fail it and waste tuition money and time. You get the point. Ask a friend to keep you accountable for getting a workout 3x this upcoming week. Write them a check for $100, promise to babysit their kids for free for the next month, or promise to clean their house. If you miss your commitment, well you just bought them dinner or you’ll be grabbing a mop. Whatever the price to put a fire under you, DO IT.
  • It’s a balancing act. Living a healthy balanced lifestyle doesn’t have to be all in or all out, but it should be balanced. Trust us! You can work out and still go out for brunch afterwards. Please don’t believe everything you see on social media from health professionals. When I, Sofia, was in the best shape of my life, abs and all, I still enjoyed a few drinks a week, still ate burgers, still accidently ate a whole package of KitKat bars in a one sitting. I never posted it online. I only posted my quinoa chicken salad with alfalfa sprouts because I didn’t want to set a bad example and I also didn’t want to be called a fraud. Guess what, I did both of the things I was trying to avoid. Setting up a mentality of all or nothing is extremely hard to maintain and eventually you burn out. Be balanced.
  • Finally, mix it up. Find a synergy (pun intended) between the things you love. Maybe commit to yoga one week, maybe the next week focus on maximum strength, and maybe the next do both. Mixing things up keeps things fresh so you have fun while you build strength, balance, and flexibility.


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