Hate to break it to you, but dragging yourself to the studio is only the first step for healthier living. In order to get more out of your workouts and smash your fitness goals, you have to be committed and strong-willed—in and out of the gym.

Here are a few simple ways to not only improve your performance, but your mindset and overall attitude.

How To Get More Out Of Your Workouts

1. Go into every workout with a positive attitude.

This is far easier said than done, but half the battle of working out is showing up. The other half is your attitude as you head in.

Sure, you’re going to have days when you’re tired, frustrated, or sore—that’s a given. Beyond that, it’s about learning to push through with a smile on your face because in the end, the results are what you’re after. And you’ll only get there if you have a confident, positive mind.

2. Don’t let yesterday’s struggles taint today.

Everyone has bad days. Remind yourself of this and don’t let the struggles get you down. You’re going to have mornings when the alarm gets snoozed three times. You’re going to have days where you just can’t lift as much weights as you could last week or last month. And you’re going to have moments where you just want to give up. But don’t.

Every day is new and a chance to start again. Don’t let yesterday’s failures shape how you feel about today.

3. Push yourself outside of your comfort zone.

You won’t improve if you’re doing what you’ve always done—that goes for all situations, weights, exercises, movements, etc. Of course you want to be safe (and it’s important to note that everyone’s individual comfort zone is different!) but the moment you decide to challenge and push yourself beyond what you’re used to is the moment you grow.

4. Be willing to show up and follow through.

Be committed not only to your workouts, but to yourself.

Show up to the classes you told yourself you would. Be there when you make a commitment. Get involved in your fitness community and participate in social events to meet people and grow. Follow through on your goals, eating habit changes, and self-imposed ‘rules’ for healthier living.

You will become the best version of yourself and get the most out of your workouts when you commit to yourself and follow through.

Marisa Donnelly

Marisa is a full-time freelance writer, editor, and fitness enthusiast located in Ocean Beach, San Diego. She is the author of the poetry collection, Somewhere On A Highway and founder of Be A Light LLC, a remote writing coaching/tutoring/editing services company.


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