As the weekend comes to a close and the impending doom of Monday draws near, you might be thinking to yourself, “Oh no, I need to get myself back on track.” Good news? You’re not the only one. Though weekends are great for relaxation, fun, and a ‘break’ from the typical, more often than not, we find ourselves slipping away from our best intentions. Whether we’re filling our schedules with commitments and plans rather than resting, enjoying ourselves a little too much, or unintentionally (or intentionally, too!) straying from our meal plans and fitness goals, sometimes the weekend can leave us feeling more stressed than refreshed.

If you found yourself nodding your head to any of the above, I promise you’re not alone. Regardless of what you did (or didn’t do) this weekend, here are a few simple tips for getting yourself back on track.

1. Get a good night’s rest.

Sleep. is. everything. When we sleep, we give our bodies the chance to restore. Maybe you went out a little too late on Friday night, woke up earlier than needed Saturday, or just did a lot of running around. Your body needs to rest! Getting a good amount before the start of the week will help you wake up prepared and ready to handle what comes your way.

2. Hydrate as much as possible.

Boozy brunch, girls’ night, Sunday football — weekends can cause you to drink more alcohol than usual. If this applies, don’t forget the importance of water. When you drink alcohol, you’re constantly dehydrating your body. Couple that with poor eating habits, less sleep, coffee, or other negative behaviors, and you’re really putting your body at risk. (Not to mention creating the perfect environment for a hangover!) Before you head off to bed, push yourself to drink as much water as possible. Not only will this reduce headaches and make you refreshed, but it even help with your skin, too!

3. Prepare for your Monday on Sunday night.

So you got a little off-track this weekend? Don’t stress. Instead, plan ahead for your next day (or days) by being intentional about meal-prepping, picking out clothes, packing your lunch, registering for your workout class, etc. The more you can do the night before, the better prepared you’ll feel. You will also hold yourself accountable and feel more engaged. Plus, you’ll give yourself more time to sleep in, too!

4. Draft a schedule for the week.

If you feel like you totally abandoned your diet and fitness goals over the weekend, take some time to draft a plan for the upcoming week. Think about when you’re able to head to the gym and commit yourself to those times/classes. Prepare the food you’ll eat, make a trip to the grocery store for necessities, and even start assembling and cooking what you can in advance. Go through your schedule and make sure you’re giving yourself adequate time for rest and work, and balance social time with alone time, too.

5. Set a goal.

Sometimes getting yourself back on track can be a simple as setting up achievable, measurable steps towards your end goal. Create a single goal for the week and write it down somewhere you’ll see and be reminded of it. Then work towards it every day.

6. Be positive.

Falling away from your goals isn’t the end of the world. Rather than beating yourself up for your mistakes or feeling negative, focus your attention on other things. Think about how you can make this next week different than the last few days. Create a ‘buddy’ system for yourself with friends, family members, and mentors that can hold you accountable and motivate you when you get frustrated. And above all, don’t cling to your mistakes. Just move forward with a smile on your face — today is a new day!

Marisa Donnelly

Marisa is a full-time freelance writer, editor, and fitness enthusiast located in Ocean Beach, San Diego. She is the author of the poetry collection, Somewhere On A Highway and founder of Be A Light LLC, a remote writing coaching/tutoring/editing services company.


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