If it true that couples that train together get stronger together?  We think members and couple, Carmen and Blake definitely prove that it does.

Check out their interview with Hannah here.  Video below! 



Hannah: “How do you get hyped up for class?”


Blake: “Usually it starts with me waking up at 5:45 and then she wakes up with no minutes to spare, comes out the door, with no coffee. She’s yelling at me, we got to get out the door, and it usually gets my blood going. That’s how I get hyped up.

Carmella: “I make him mad and that makes me happy apparently so we run out the door and here we are. I listen to music on the way here. “

Blake: “I drive her, she sleeps.”

Carmella: “… To some good music.”

Hannah: “Whats your favorite exercise?”


Carmella: “The kettle bells is the first thing that comes to mind because we just did it.”

Blake: “I’m a big fan of… that’s hard… that’s  a loaded question. Ill go with squats I think, yeah that’s kind of a precursor to the next question. My squat form is pretty on point.”

Hannah: “What do you think is the best music to workout to?”

Carmella: ‘Latin, Regatone, Hype up music, I don’t know that’s what I listen to. reggae”

Blake: “Depends on the mood. Some days its rock, hard rock, some days it’s hip hop. It varies to keep it interesting.”

Hannah: “What’s the secret to being so consistent?”


Carmella” “Coming together.”

Blake: “Yeah…”

Carmella: “he gets me up, I get him up.”

Blake: “I wasn’t working out for six months since the pandemic happened and she’s like alright you got to get back in shape.

Carmella: “I was working out, I was coming here.”

Blake: “Yeah she got me hooked on Synergy so I’ve been coming for a month now today its been great.”

Hannah: “What’s your favorite post-workout meal?

Carmella: “Protein pancakes”

Blake: Points to Carmella “Her protein pancakes”

Carmella: “That was easy, especially asking that question as couple it’ll be the same answer.

Hannah: “Who has better squat form?”

Carmella: “well he already said that *Blake demonstrates*

Jasmine: “Squat off! Squat off! You can do a couple squat holding hands.”

*Blake and Carmella squat*

Jasmine: End with a high five! Yes!”

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