Workout 2

Workout #2 at Robb Field Led by Millie, Molly, and Sofia. Our 45 minute House Blend Session. Vinyasa warm-up. Mountain Pose Half Bend Half Bend grabbing elbows swinging side to side. Arm circles while in half bend. High Plank Chaturanga Dandasana Up Dog Down dog. Repeat. Down Dog Toe Touch. Read more…

Getting Back On Track

  Have you ever lost something like your keys, your wallet, maybe your motivation? Motivation to workout, stretch, do that juice cleanse you pinned months ago? We’ve all been there. Months pass and you realize it’s been weeks since you’ve worked out. Weeks since you’ve been consistent with water intake. FIRST OFF, let us Read more…

Our Promise

The countdown begins!  As we launch our website and our pre-sale founding memberships we are filled with excitement of all the good that is to come in our community, clients, and our personal goals for this endeavor! Look around the website, and if you like what you see, feel free Read more…

Black Friday Sale