WOD 11/14

Staggered L Raise to Jack Mountain Climbers Chest Press Farmer Jump Lunges Wall-Sit Hammer Curls Lunge Switch Press Plank Walk Pushups Side Plank Reach Through

By amanda.rostrom08, ago
Sunday Newsletter

There’s No Such Thing As ‘Good’ And ‘Bad’ Food

I grew up thinking that there were ‘good’ and ‘bad’ foods.

In my middle school health class, I was taught to avoid fats at all costs. At home, I was encouraged to eat fruits and veggies because they would help me grow. And somewhere between the Atkins diet that my parents religiously followed for a few months and my own self-hate (ugh, teenage years are the worst!) I realized that I—like many of us—had an unhealthy relationship with food.

And it’s rooted in the idea that there are certain foods that are ‘good’ vs. ‘bad.’ Which simply isn’t true. (more…)

By Marisa Donnelly, ago