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If it true that couples that train together get stronger together?  We think members and couple, Carmen and Blake definitely prove that it does. Check out their interview with Hannah here.  Video below!      Hannah: “How do you get hyped up for class?”   Blake: “Usually it starts with me waking up at 5:45 and then she wakes up with no minutes to spare, comes out the door, with no coffee. She’s yelling at Read more…

06/09 WOD | Core & Cardio

Equipment Needed: Kettlebell or dumbbell Rounds:  4x 45 on 15 off Finisher:  1 Min High Knees 2 Min Plank   Exercises: Plank Step Outs180 Jump Squats Glute Bridge Marches Curtsey Lunge w/ Ice SkatersLow Plank Mountain ClimbersKB/DB Swings High KneesReverse Crunch w/ Hip Raise Playlist of the day:   Share this Workout

06/08 WOD | Tri Tri Again

Equipment Needed: Dumbbells and Kettle Bell  Rounds:  3 of each block.  10 Reps each exercise.  60 sec rest after each block. Finisher:  Plank and Burpees.  30 on 10 off 4x.   Exercises: BLOCK 1Chest Press Flutter KickOverhead Tricep ExtLateral & Front Raise3X BLOCK 2 Close Grip Chest Press Skull Crushers ISO Hold Alt Shoulder Press 3x BLOCK 3 GLUTE BRIDGE + DB PRESS PLANK TRI EXTENSION SQUAT  UPRIGHT ROW 3X Playlist of the day:   Share Read more…

06/01 WOD | Chest, Tricep, Shoulders

Equipment Needed: DUMBBELLS    Rounds:  AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) 10 Reps of Each Finisher:  21 reps of Sit-Ups, Toe Touches, Bicycles,  Diamond Pushups, Chatarunga Pushups, Regular Pushups   Exercises: Pushups Front/Lat Raise Burpees Bent Over Tricep Extensions Situps Punches Up Down Plank Star Jumps Playlist of the day:   Share this Workout

05/31 WOD | Full Body

Equipment Needed: DUMBBELLS  Rounds:  6 | 30 sec on 10 off Finisher:  1 Min Jump Squats 1 Min Mtn Climbers 1 Min Plank Exercises: Bridge hamstring walkout. Push-up arm extension Plank kick through Jump lunges Reverse plank alt knee in 180 jump squats Mountain climbers Burpee man makers Playlist of the day:   Share this Workout

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