06/09 WOD | Core & Cardio

Equipment Needed: Kettlebell or dumbbell Rounds:  4x 45 on 15 off Finisher:  1 Min High Knees 2 Min Plank   Exercises: Plank Step Outs180 Jump Squats Glute Bridge Marches Curtsey Lunge w/ Ice SkatersLow Plank Mountain ClimbersKB/DB Swings High KneesReverse Crunch w/ Hip Raise Playlist of the day:   Share this Workout

06/08 WOD | Tri Tri Again

Equipment Needed: Dumbbells and Kettle Bell  Rounds:  3 of each block.  10 Reps each exercise.  60 sec rest after each block. Finisher:  Plank and Burpees.  30 on 10 off 4x.   Exercises: BLOCK 1Chest Press Flutter KickOverhead Tricep ExtLateral & Front Raise3X BLOCK 2 Close Grip Chest Press Skull Crushers ISO Hold Alt Shoulder Press 3x BLOCK 3 GLUTE BRIDGE + DB PRESS PLANK TRI EXTENSION SQUAT  UPRIGHT ROW 3X Playlist of the day:   Share Read more…

06/01 WOD | Chest, Tricep, Shoulders

Equipment Needed: DUMBBELLS    Rounds:  AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) 10 Reps of Each Finisher:  21 reps of Sit-Ups, Toe Touches, Bicycles,  Diamond Pushups, Chatarunga Pushups, Regular Pushups   Exercises: Pushups Front/Lat Raise Burpees Bent Over Tricep Extensions Situps Punches Up Down Plank Star Jumps Playlist of the day:   Share this Workout

05/31 WOD | Full Body

Equipment Needed: DUMBBELLS  Rounds:  6 | 30 sec on 10 off Finisher:  1 Min Jump Squats 1 Min Mtn Climbers 1 Min Plank Exercises: Bridge hamstring walkout. Push-up arm extension Plank kick through Jump lunges Reverse plank alt knee in 180 jump squats Mountain climbers Burpee man makers Playlist of the day:   Share this Workout