02/02 | Legs

WOD 02/02 | Legs 35 on 7 off 3x Finisher: Wall-Sit Challenge – Weight Added after 1-MIN. Bike Ride Sprint Sit-Up Stand Rings Single Leg Squat Other-side Ring Jump Lunges Benches Jump Overs Single-leg Squat Other-Side Dumbbells Single Leg Deadlift Other-Side Heel Toe Glute Bridge Beats to Fuel You

02/01 | Arms & Abs

WOD 02/01 | Arms & Abs 35 on 7 off 3x Partner Work – 20 Sit-Up Balls Toss, 100 Jump Squats Bike Sprint Push-Up Release Band Bicep Curl DM Squat Alt Shoulder Press Bicep Curls DM Unders Bicycles  Ropes Ripples Russian Twists Rope Wide Flys KB Swings Windmills Otherside Beats to Fuel You

1/31 | Glutes 🍑

WOD 1/31 | Glutes 🍑 12 Reps 3-4 rounds  Crazy Core Finisher –50 Sit-Ups, 10 Tuck Jumps, 50 Bicycle Crunches, 10 Burpees Rings Hamstring Curl Lunges Box Box Jumps Pistol Squat Barbells Deadlifts Glute Bridge DM/KB Heavy Calf Raises Curtsey Lunges Beats to Fuel You

1/30 | Full Body

WOD 1/30 | Full Body Circuit 30 on 7 Off 3x Finisher – Push-Up Madness PR one Minute. ROPES Slams Side Plank Slams Other side. RINGS/BAR/BOX Box Bicep Curl Step-Up Ring Wide to Low Row Toe to Bar or Knee-Ups BENCH Chest Press Single Arm Row to Tricep Kickback Other-side PLATES Side to Side Tap Wall-Sit Bus Driver Fast Plate Press Scissor Kick Beats to Fuel You

1/28 | Full Body

WOD 1/28 | Full Body Circuit 30 on 7 Off 3x Finisher – Partner Plank Push-Ups Rings  & Bards Ring Seated Pull-Ups Archer Ring Row Ring Pushups Boxes & KB Side Lunge to KB Clean Back Lunge to Box Step Up Box Jumps Barbells  Cleans Ab Roll Outs Deadlifts Bikes & Benches Sprint Chest Flys Burpees Beats to Fuel You

1/27 | Back & Core

WOD 1/27 | Back & Core Circuit 30 on 7 Off 3x Finisher – Pick one move from the workout and do for 60 seconds Rings  Bulgarian Split Squat Other Side Ring Rows Benches & Barbells Single Arm Row Single Arm Row V-Ups Barbells All Landmines Twists BO Single Arm Row BO Single Arm Row Bikes & Med Balls Sprint Ball Slams Side to Side Push-Ups Beats to Fuel You

1/26 | Legs & Core

WOD 1/26 | Legs & Core AMRAP 8min/ station – 12 reps  Finisher – Pick one move from the workout and do for 60 seconds Rings  Split Squat (6 each leg)  Squat and Reach (6 each arm)  Jump Squats  Supermans  Benches  Step Up Knee Drive + Lunge (6 each leg)  Lateral Hop Overs  Leg Lift Hip Extension  Boxes  Single Leg Glute Bridge (6 each leg)  Box Jumps  Plank Up Downs  Bikes/ Dumbbells  Ride to 1 Read more…

1/25 | Arms & Abs

WOD 1/25 | Arms & Abs 30 on 7 Off 5x Finisher – Plank PR Arnold Press Narrow Bicep Curls Hallow Hold Diamond Pushup Side to Side Leg Lifts ALT Lunge Tricep Extension Squat Swing Wall Sit Bicep Curls Squat Push Press REST 30   Beats to Fuel You

1/24 | Glutes & Hip Hop

WOD 1/24 | Glutes & Hip Hop 16 12 9  Finisher – Bar Knees-Ups to Toe to Bar. 10-20 Followed by 30 Sit-Ups Barbell Deadlifts 2-Minute Ride Sprint (30, rest 30) Single Leg Glute Bridge Crab Toe Touch Heavy Sumo Squat Bench Squat To Fast Stand Sidelaying Hip Raise Burpee Mountain Climbers   Beats to Fuel You

1/23 | Full Body

WOD 1/23 | Full Body 30 Second pyramid Finisher – peak of pyramid Squat + Side Lunge  Gorilla Row  Pushup + Downdog  Alt Curtsey Lunge Bicep Curl 2 Jumping Jack + 2 Plank Jack  Sumo Squat Figure 8 Pass  Good Mornings    Beats to Fuel You