Behind the Scenes with Jen.

It’s been six week – 6 weeks I never thought I would make it to.  I am 13.6 lbs down and I did it on my own.

Don’t let this mislead you, I had amazing support and encouragement from the staff at Synergy; but, it took my choices to get in the door, 5 days a week!

Let me start by telling you why this is such a major achievement for me to write about…

Before I waddled through the doors at Synergy, to discuss the reality of my poor health and eating habits, I was happily finishing off a bottle of wine each night with a candy bar to clean my palette; this was an addiction I convinced myself was just the way of a happy life and every day was Groundhog’s Day!   

The rinse and repeat cycle had to stop somewhere…  So, I quit drinking, sucked it up and agreed to a 6 week commitment.  6 weeks?  Of Exercise? No booze?  Wait…wait…wait…Am I on glue? 

I never thought I would make it through week 1, let alone day 1 – but-I-did!  (Don’t let me fool you,  especially if you believe in flying Unicorns that poop a rainbow of colored Skittles.)  NO!  Week 1 came with some real bullsh*t; dizziness, feeling faint, clammy, puking, anger, jealousy, embarrassment, 

LOTS OF COMPLAINING, and the next day’s painful burn.  I barely made it through the first 15 min of the first class – I was out-of-shape! 

Honestly, I would much rather have eaten a bowl of OB cockroaches, than deal with the first week again! It sucked. 

However, after week one, I actually saw a difference.  This encouraged me, and so did the trainers at Synergy.  When I wanted to give up, (5 min into the first session of course 😊), or didn’t want to go, I had one of  “Sofie’s Angels “of Synergy (new marketing campaign, you’re welcome) on my shoulder telling me, “you’re doing amazing, don’t give up!”

So every weekday for 6 weeks I made it down to what has me motivated: my health.  I can see drastic changes in my body and my attitude.   By choice, I haven’t drank in 6 weeks, and I feel amazing!  Granted,  I am not down to where I need or want to be and I have a ways to go, but the fact that I have made it where I am in just 6 weeks – is exactly what I set out to achieve!

With the friends I have made and the encouragement I feel when I walk into my classes – I can’t wait to see where I am in another 6 weeks… Yes! Another 6 weeks!  So stay tuned, or maybe I will see you class!!




Katie · November 27, 2018 at 7:53 pm

Wow. This is amazing! When does the next 6-Week Challenge start? I feel like her story is what Im going through. Congrats Jen!

    synergy180 · November 27, 2018 at 7:57 pm

    Hey there! You can start your journey as soon as tomorrow or by the 16th of January! 🙂

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