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Synergy was founded in 2017 by Sofie Whitfield.  She was working a corporate job and wanted to leave the corporate world behind to help others achieve health and happiness in their life.

After seeing the effects of how having kids, a demanding career, family, and so forth take a toll on her health she decided to try to find Synergy in her life. (pun totally intended).

She worked  to test out a concept that bridges the gap of HIIT, Strength, and Yoga.  After many months she was able to perfect the  perfect the “Perfect Fitness Blend”.

The Leading Concept

Combining High-Intensity Interval Training, Yoga, and Function Strength Training elevates performance and sustains results. All three dynamic aspects of the workout yield different movements and challenges to ensure that you attain flexibility, strength, and endurance.

Workouts focus on reducing stress and preventing health conditions associated with a sedentary lifestyle, muscular imbalances, and workout/sports injury.

Meet The Owner


Entrepreneur and Fitness Expert


Meet the owner

Born and raised in Kenitra, Morocco, Sofie is a first generation immigrant.  Moving to Wisconsin at the age of 9, she was old enough to understand living circumstances of her family.  Growing up in poverty in Morocco didn’t end.  Her family had their ups and downs until getting on their feet when they moved to the states.  Her father’s faith and motto of never give up resonated with young, Sofie.  She truly believed if you want something, have faith, and never give up – you will have it.

Lorain always had a passion for helping others and had a heart of service to make others happy.  She struggled with anxiety from a very young age and often times making others happy was the only way she was happy.  She ran with that.

When she was 19 years old she became a Zumba certified instructor leading group dance classes while she pursed her business degree in Minnesota.  She quickly realized fitness was her calling.  Seeing the difference in the lives of her clients made her realize that taking things to a bigger level was on the way.

She opened and co-owned a fitness studio in Minneapolis, MN at the age of 19 and built it from the ground up for 3 years to give it the foundation of success that has allowed it to continue operating and thriving today.

Lorain then went on to travel the world for over a year and live in various countries from Morocco, Spain, Portugal, Holland, Lebanon, and Turkey.

During her travels she started practicing yoga daily.  She didn’t dive in to yoga for the physical benefits but more so the mental benefits since now she had time to relax and focus on self growth.  She continued her strength and high intensity interval training regiment but something changed.

Her results exploded.  She had less injuries, slept better, recovered faster, was able to lift more, have more endurance, and was in better shape than she ever had been.

WHY?  She accidentally stumbled onto the bridge of Yoga, Strength, and H.I.I.T.  She moved back to the states after a year of traveling and took a corporate job and began saving to make her accident discovery a reality.  In 2017 of November 11th, young Sofie at the age of 25, opened Synergy.

The rest is history.

Our certified coaches and yoga teachers are here to support you from the smallest to the biggest goals.  Together we RISE to the OCCASION.



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