Synergy was founded in 2017 by Tim and Sofie.  Both were working a corporate job and wanted to leave the corporate world behind to help others achieve health and happiness in their life.

After seeing the effects of how having kids, a demanding career, family, and so forth take a toll on their health they decided to try to find Synergy in their life. (pun totally intended).

They worked together to test out a concept that bridges the gap of HIIT, Strength, and Yoga.  After many months of working out together they were able to perfect the "Perfect Fitness Blend".

The Leading Concept

Combining High-Intensity Interval Training, Yoga, and Function Strength Training elevates performance and sustains results. All three dynamic aspects of the workout yield different movements and challenges to ensure that you attain flexibility, strength, and endurance.

Workouts focus on reducing stress and preventing health conditions associated with a sedentary lifestyle, muscular imbalances, and workout/sports injury.

Meet The Team

Sofie Lorain - CoFounder CMO | HB PH Coach
Tim Whitfield- CoFounder CTO
Jasmine Youngblood - HB PH Coach
Stacey Shapiro - PH HB Coach
Darcy Clifford - 180R KF Coach
Jasmine Landolt - Coming Soon!

Contact Us

  • 619-838-6906