WOD 6/29 | Leg Day

AMRAP 8min/ station – 12 reps 

FinisherPick one move from the workout and do for 60 seconds


Split Squat (6 each leg) 

Squat and Reach (6 each arm) 

Jump Squats 

Plank Jacks 


Step Up Knee Drive + Lunge (6 each leg) 

Lateral Hop Overs 

Leg Lift Hip Extension 


Single Leg Glute Bridge (6 each leg) 

Box Jumps 

Plank Up Downs 

Bikes/ Dumbbells 

Ride to 1 mile 

RDL + Sumo Squat (6 of each) 

Curtsey Lunge (6 each leg) 

Beats to Fuel You