WOD 5/5 | Upper Body

AMRAP (10 reps) 8 minutes/ station (1st min cardio- coach’s choice) 

FinisherBicep 21s (7 bottom, 7 top, 7 full) Repeat as many times as time you have left 

Rings/ Resistance Bands


Single Arm Lat Pulls 

Face Pulls 


Bent Over Tricep Extensions + 10 second isometric hold 

Wall Sit + 10 alternating biceps curls 

Curl + Press + Tricep Extension + Plank Hop Out (burpee) 

Bikes/ Dumbbells

Ride to 1 mile 

Sit Up Press 

Wood chop 

Russian Twist 

Benches/ Barbells


Chest Press 

Ab Roll Outs 

Beats to Fuel You