WOD 3/19 | Upper/ Lower Body

40 on/10 off 3X each circuit

Circuit 1 

Prisoner Squat 

Alt Heavy Chest Press 

DB Pull Through 

Circuit 2 

Side Lunge to Knee Drive (R) 

Side Lunge to Knee Drive (L) 

High to Low Jump 

Circuit 3 

2 Pushups + 6 Mountain Climbers 

Cross Body Steam Engines 

High Plank Leg Lifts 

Circuit 4 

Chest Fly Flutter Kick 

Rev Lunge to Curtsey Lunge (R) 

Reverse Lunge to Curtsey Lunge (L) 

March Madness Finisher – 60 seconds Sprawler to Catchers – count reps 

Beats to Fuel You