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Here are 5 REASONS why your workout routine needs some namaste with your burpees.


1. Strength and flexibility
Although yoga is great for building natural strength, for someone looking to put muscle on, strength training is the way to go. In my case, it has only improved my yoga poses. Similarly, for those who put on weight easily and are looking to slim down, yoga is one of the best ways to tone your muscles and develop flexibility.


2. Explosiveness and enduranceIf you do full-body compound lifts at the gym, and lift weights explosively like you’re supposed to, you activate your fast-twitch muscle fibers. This helps you develop power and speed. In yoga, by doing the movements slowly and holding poses for a while, you activate slow-twitch muscle fibers, which builds endurance. It’s useful to maintain a balance between both these types of muscle fibers, and doing a hybrid training routine enables this.


3. Controlled aggression and relaxation
One of the things about a good strength-training program that makes use of progressive loading is that you need to get psyched up before each workout. This is because you’re lifting heavier weights each time, which helps develop controlled aggression. In yoga, when done right, even if you’re doing challenging poses which causes you to sweat, you feel completely relaxed at the end. This helps get rid of unwanted stress.


4. Workout of the mind, body, and soul
I’ve tried lots of sports and physical activities, but none of them can match the way I feel calm and peaceful after a yoga workout. The primary reason I do yoga and not just any other exercise is because of the way it nourishes the mind and helps you listen to that quiet voice inside your head, aka your soul. Yoga has also helped me stay awake throughout the day without coffee, increased my self-confidence and helped get rid of my back pain.


5. Better muscle shape
One of the things about strength training is that it builds more visually pleasing muscles, especially for skinnier people like myself. One could also argue that back in the day, when yoga was developed, people had to lift and walk more in their day-to-day lives than the typical modern person, which helped them get some of its benefits indirectly. Strength training also provides a metabolism boost, which helps with weight loss, increases bone density and helps maintain joint flexibility.


How You Can Get Started
There are some things to keep in mind before you can dive in and get started.
First of all, if you’re new to both yoga and strength training, then I would recommend that you get started with a Houseblend session or you can Powerhouse it and take a few Kinetic Flows a week.


Second off,  an object at rest stays at rest.  An object in motion stays in motion.  The only way to change things is to get started.


You’ll get what you need.  We leave nothing behind.  Grab your 5-Day Pass!

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