WOD Full Body | 10/16

AMRAP – 8 min per station 


DB Clean and Press – 10x reps 

Good Mornings – 10x reps 

Sumo Goblet Squats – 10x reps 


Ring Back Fly – 10x reps 

Ring Mtn Climbers – 10x reps (per leg) 

Ring Push-ups – 10x reps 

Body Weight 

Jump Squats – 10x reps 

Dead Bugs – 10x reps (per leg) 

Alt Side Plank w/ Hip Dip – 5x reps (per side) 


Alt Lunge Overhead Raise – 5x reps (each side) 

Weighted Sit Up – 10x reps 

Standing Plate Chop – 5x reps (each side) 

oct Beats to Fuel You