WOD Leg Day | 10/13

AMRAP – 8 min per station – 8x reps


Heavy DB Neutral Deadlift – 8x reps 

Crab Toe Touch – 8x reps (each side) 

Heavy Glute Bridge – 8x reps 

Squat Shoulder Press – 8x reps 


Ring Single Leg RDL – 8x reps 

Ring Single Leg RDL – 8x reps 

Wall-Sit Walk-Out Shoulder Tap – 8x reps 

Ring Superman’s – 8x reps  

Leg Bands 

Banded Bicycle Legs – 8x reps (per leg) 

Banded Side to Side Squat – 4x reps (each side) 

Banded Plank Jacks – 8x reps 

Banded Alt Leg Ext – 8x reps (per leg) 

Barbell (Landmine) 

Landmine Lunge Press – 8x reps 

Landmine Lunge Press- 8x reps 

Oblique Heel Taps – 8x reps per leg 

Landmine Sumo Squat – 8x reps 

oct Beats to Fuel You