WOD 10/12 | Leg Day

AMRAP 8min/ station – 12 reps 


Split Squat (6 each leg) 

Squat and Reach (6 each arm) 

Jump Squats 

Plank Jacks 


Step Up Knee Drive + Lunge (6 each leg) 

Lateral Hop Overs 

Leg Lift Hip Extension 


Single Leg Glute Bridge (6 each leg) 

Box Jumps 

Plank Up Downs 

Bikes/ Dumbbells 

Ride to 1 mile 

RDL + Sumo Squat (6 of each) 

Curtsey Lunge (6 each leg) 

Finsher: Pick one move from the workout and do for 60 seconds

Beats to Fuel You