WOD Full Body | 10/09

AMRAP 8 minutes per station 

Station: Dumbbells 

Suitcase Squat Hammer Curl – 12x reps 

Swings – 12x reps 

Curtsey Lunge Press – 10x reps (each side)  

Station: Rings 

Squat Reach (R) – 10x reps 

Squat Reach (L) – 10x reps 

Chest Fly – 12x reps 

Station: Ropes 

Side to Side Slams – 12x reps 

Renegade Row Ripple (R) – 10x reps 

Renegade Row Ripple (L) – 10x reps 

Station: Body Weight 

Sprawls to Catchers – 10x reps 

Alt Leg Lifts – 10x reps (per leg) 

Criss Cross Jack – 12x reps 

Equipment needed at home: Dumbbells

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