WOD Full Body | 10/02

30 sec on, 10 sec off 4x rounds (per station) 

Station: Boxes 

Low plank Jacks 

Lateral Hop to Squat Hop 

Split lunge Thrusters 

Box Jumps 

Station: Rings 

T rows 

Alt Arm Superman Reach 

Mountain Climbers 


Station: Barbell  

Russian Twists 

Flutter kicks 

Wall Sit Bus Drivers 

Jump Squats

Station: Balls 

Chopping Jumping lunges w/ med ball 

Single Leg Deadlift to ball toss up 

Single Glute Bridge (foot on ball) 

Other side 

Rest: 20 sec between each round. 


Finisher:  Coaches Choice 


At Home Equipment Needed:  Dumbbells

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