WOD 09/19 | Glutes

All together 


Ascending PYRAMID (Increase the weight and decrease the reps for each set) (5-7 seconds off to change weight) 

Set 1 (45 seconds)- light weight: 12-16 reps

Set 2 (40 seconds) – light/medium weight: 10-12 reps

Set 3 (35 seconds) – medium weight: 8-10 reps

Set 4 (30 seconds) – heavy weight: 4-6 reps


DB swings 

Romanian deadlift (slow pace)

Side lying clamshells (switch halfway)

Single leg glute bridges (switch halfway)

180 jump squats (bodyweight)

Lunge matrix 

High knees to tuck jumps (bodyweight)

Single leg deadlift (right)

Single leg deadlift (left)

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