WOD Back Day | 08/12

30/10 4x (At Home In Parentheses)

Station 1

Assisted Pull-ups (Shoulder Press)

Front lat raise

Jumping Jacks

Station 2

Star jumps

Bent over rows

Lunge in place bicep curls

Station 3

Single arm row (12 rep max)

Single arm row (12 rep max)

Rope slams

Station 4

Wall sit bus drivers

Ball slams (jump Squats)



Finisher:  Coaches Choice 


Directions For Virtual Members: Please Start At Station 1 And Work Your Way Down As Guided By Your Coach For Transitions.  We Will Be At Each Station For 4 Rounds Before Moving To The Next Station.  There Is A Minute Rest Between Each Station To Hydrate/ Wipe Down Equipment. 


At Home Equipment Needed:  Dumbbells

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