WOD Full Body | 08/07


 30/10  (at home in parentheses)

Station 1  

Narrow Chest Press

Bicep Curls

Chest Fly

Station 2

In and Out Ball Press (use dumbbells if ball is not available)

Ball Slam Burpees (jump squat burpees)

Plank Ball Toss (at home use dumbbell for drag is ball is not available) 

Lunge Landmine Press (at home use light dumbbell)

Lunge Landmine press

Station 3 


Lunge landmine shoulder press

Station 4

Ring wide/narrow row (bent over narrow/wide rows)

ring pushups (at home incline pushups – use chair)

box jumps (at home step-ups)


Finisher:  Coaches Choice 



Directions for Virtual Members: Please start at station 1 and work your way down as guided by your coach for transitions.  We will be at each station for 3 rounds before moving to the next station.  There is a minute rest between each station to hydrate/ wipe down equipment.

At Home Equipment Needed:  Dumbbells, Chair, Ball

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