WOD Full Body Day | 07/24

Dave’s Saturday WOD


Full Body   45/15  x2 

Station 1  

Pizza Plate



Alt. Reverse Lunges 

*60 sec exchange*

Station 2 Benches 

Piston Chest Press 

Sitting OH Tri Extension 

Hop Overs  

*60 sec exchange*

Station 3 Rings 


Y raise to T 

Tricep Dips 

*60 sec exchange*

Station 4 DB 

Single Leg RDL

Jump Squats 

Single Leg RDL 

*60 sec exchange*

Finisher:  Coaches Choice 



Directions for Virtual Members: Please start at station 1 and work your way down as guided by your coach for transitions.  We will be at each station for 2 rounds before moving to the next station.  There is a minute rest between each station to hydrate/ wipe down equipment.

At Home Equipment Needed:  Chair/Box/Bench, Dumbbells, 

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