WOD 07/08 | Full Body

All together

Ascending PYRAMID (Increase the weight and decrease the reps for each set) (5-7 seconds off to change weight) 

Set 1 (35 seconds)- light weight: 12-16 reps

Set 2 (30 seconds) – light/medium weight: 10-12 reps

Set 3 (25 seconds) – medium weight: 8-10 reps

Set 4 (20 seconds) – heavy weight: 4-6 reps


Squat + shoulder to shoulder press

Romaninan Deadlift

3-way bent-over back row

Dumbbell swing with lateral hop

Push-up and bicep curl

Punch jacks

Alternating reverse lunges + squat thruster

Leg lowers with skull crushers

Squat + knee drive

Finisher: Coaches Choice

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